Human Rights

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Area of Expertise

Our firm is long recognised as one which has a strong track record in defending the rights of the marginalised and those whose rights are most in need of vindication. Through our work with asylum seekers, homeless persons and those under threat of eviction or home repossession we have gained considerable experience.

We have represented clients in many cases involving local authority housing and challenges to unfair treatment by government bodies. We have been involved in many landlord and tenant disputes of various different kinds

Housing rights are regarded as one of the fundamental areas requiring protection through our legal system. We campaign on behalf of individuals and families who are homeless or who experience difficulties in meeting mortgage repayments

We act on behalf of clients who face difficulties in landlord and tenant relations and have appeared in the Private Residential Tenancies Board in relation to housing disputes.

We have also successfully assisted clients facing difficulties with council housing lists and their appurtenant rights.

We believe that housing rights are fundamental and the vindication of housing rights is one of the most important issues of our time.

Equality and Discrimination

We have acted in many cases involving issues of discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, political beliefs, race, civil status, membership of the Traveller Community and age.

We have provided legal advice to many well known NGOs and human rights advocacy groups in relation to a broad range of issues

Immigration and Asylum

Through our involvement in the promotion of the rights of asylum seekers and immigrants in Ireland allied to extensive knowledge and experience in this fundamental area of human rights law, we are well placed to provide expert legal advice to our clients in these areas.

We understand that the immigration and asylum legal systems can be extremely difficult to navigate and our client-centred approach is one which our clients feel comfortable with.

The related rights of immigrants and refugees to work and live free of discrimination must be defended and we have been involved in many cases vindicating these rights.

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