Area of Expertise

Gary Daly & Company have extensive experience in advising clients in relation to all types of transactions relating to licence applications and licenced premises. Some of our clients include well-known and reputable publicans, restaurateurs, convenience store operators and hoteliers. We have previously acted in the purchase and sale of licences premises, planning applications for hotels and publicans, applications for music, singing and dancing licences, special exemption orders, restaurant certificates, renewal of all types of licences and applications for new licences, we have also previously advised on the implications of the licenses in company insolvency related applications such as examinership and liquidation type scenarios. We offer a full range of advices on the following licences:

on Licenses/Off Licences


Special Restaurant Licence

Publican/Hotel Licence

Music & Singing Licence

Dance Licence

Liquor Licence

Special Exemption Licence

Auctioneers Licence