About Us

Gary Daly and Company was founded by Gary Daly in 2006. A dynamic and progressive law firm offering a wide range of services to our clients we pride ourselves on our quality of service.

The focus of our firm is geared towards achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. In achieving those outcomes we take a client-centred approach. Depending on the outcome desired the method, employed can be through litigation or through a mediated or negotiated legal avenue. We have always found that working in close collaboration with our clients yields the most practical and long lasting results.

Our team have many years combined experience in different legal and business sectors. We can offer a range of tailored advice which suits all clients. Our lawyers have worked in many different fields and we can offer expertise in a broad range of sectors.

We emphasise an ethical approach to legal advice which, allied to the quality of the legal advice given, yields great dividends for our clients.